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Techno, Acid, House & Trance. Mit Afem Syko, DJ Henne, Vivus, konna, Cenan Holland und riko

Sa, 07.10.23

60er-Jahre Halle

Rubrik: Party

Einlass / Beginn: 23 Uhr

Eintritt: 15 Euro

After our last successful party at Mephisto, we are now more than happy to share our next date with you! This time we will party together at 60er-Jahre Halle!

Following a short artist introduction regarding our bookings:

Afem Syko
A key protagonist in the frenetic sound of Berlin’s underground, Afem Syko has fast become a regular feature on the international circuit. Known for his unpredictable, high-paced, and vibrant techno sets – he draws you into a versatile blend of hypnotizing techno, acid and old-school. With his debut release on Kobosil’s imprint R Label Group he delivered an impressive introduction to the inner circle of next-generation electronic artists.

DJ Henne
As the visionary behind the Valor collective and label, he has already garnered significant acclaim with his hit tracks like “Keine Zeit”. With his eletric blend of house music, DJ Henne has an undeniable knack for getting the dance floor grooving and ensuring a night filled with positive energy. Get ready to experience a journey through the 90s hard house, trance and house music!

But that’s not all! Our resident DJs Vivus, konna, Cenan Holland and riko will also be taking the stage, delivering their signature sound and ensuring non-stop dancing!

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