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Mit Deadly Alive (Valor), Lorenzo Mancino (Crave Tapes), Rauchindenaugen (Dissonanz) und Karl (Dissonanz)

Fr, 26.05.23


Rubrik: Party

Einlass / Beginn: 23 Uhr

Eintritt: 10 Euro

The wait has come to an end! Dissonanz Vol. 2 is right around the corner with dark, hard, eerie beats and melodies to guide your body into ecstasy.

Dissonanz aims to dissect genre boundaries, merging different styles, leading you to new musical perspectives. Let peculiar rhythms and uncanny sounds shake every part of your body! Let go of all your troubles! Welcome to a cathartic night of dancing!

23-01 Deadly Alive (Valor)
01-03 Lorenzo Mancino (Crave Tapes)
03-05 Rauchindenaugen (Dissonanz)
05-07 Karl (Dissonanz)

Get your freak on!
We want to encourage an environment where everyone can express themselves the way they want, kicking overrated stereotypes into the trash.

Dissonanz wants to create a safer space for queer people, especially
FLINTA* (Female, Lesbian, Intesex, Nonbinary, Trans, Agender), People Of Colour and other marginalized groups of people.

Watch your drink and eachother!
If you notice any unusual behaviour or feel unwell, don’t hesitate to talk to your friends, the staff or anyone else.

No dresscode, but kink friendly!
Always ask for consent!

No means no.
No Sexism.
No Racism.
No Homophobia.
No Transphobia.
No Ableism.

Dissonanz @ Instagram

Einlass ab 18!