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Fast Desires

Techno, Hardcore, Gabber und Rave. Mit Whattis, Lax Morenz, Plateau Bitch, Bleak, Tonyaa, Matrusch*K, Knatt und Schranke

Sa, 17.06.23


Rubrik: Party

Einlass / Beginn: 23 Uhr

Eintritt: 10 Euro

We’re more than happy to announce our next official Fast Desires Event with this super cute and nasty lineup.

So grateful to serve you finest fast and furious sounds from queer boss Whattis, main c*nt at Berlin & Brooklyn based queer rave collective Bleak. They will play fine selected Gabber and Hardcore with some erotic Trance elements, an excellent cocktail of penetrating drums, squeezing basses and catchy leads to shake your asses.

Also massive support by non-binary newcomer Plateau Bitch from Leipzig with a banging Harddance set and our local friend Tonyaa with a stunning Techno live set. And after technical problems last time, we’re really looking forward to catch up the live performance of Jet-Set-K & Lax Morenz, containing political vocals, beautiful singing, rough breaks and pumping drums. A great show that won’t leave you unmoved.

Aside from that our residents Knatt & Schranke will close the floor with a super sexy and fast BPM orgy, this time less hard but more heart: Psytrance, Tribe, bit of Hardcore, Rave and good vibe Gabber.

So please tell your friends and see ya on the dancefloor for some sweaty, trippy summer action!


Whattis @ Instagram

Plateau Bitch @ Instagram

Bleak @ Instagram

Tonyaa @ Instagram

Matrusch*K @ Instagram

Lax Morenz @ Instagram

Knatt @ Instagram

Schranke @ Instagram