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Rag Revolution – Aufstand! der nichtsnutzigen Textilien

International exhibition-project presenting the contemporary textile-culture

Sa, 19.03.11 -

So, 17.04.11

Kunsthalle Faust

Öffnungszeiten: Do und Fr 16-20 Uhr, Sa und So 14-18 Uhr

Eintritt: 3 Euro

Ermässigt: 2 Euro

In cooperation with the workshop Hannover e.V., Kunsthalle Faust presents artistic researches and positions referring to the contemporary textile-culture and the determinant complex of the topics consumption, aesthetics, recycling and reflection. An art-project in the framework of the textour 2011.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the artist world deals with the artistic amendment and reinterpretation of objects and materials which go along with an expansion of the art-term Everyday life objects will be transferred into the field of the visual arts (e.g. Duchamp and Schwitters). The established classical genre-borders as well as the conventional understanding for the artistic work-process will be attacked and reinterpreted.

Raoul Hausmann, the radical propagandist of the Dadaists, already claimed in 1918 to withdraw the profit-character of the mostly second hand and thus valueless objects and materials. The activity with commonplace objects, with finds and recycled materials and the linked aesthetic conversion established in the arts since then.

The exhibition-project Rag Revolution – Aufstand! der nichtsnutzigen Textilien looks into the question how artists currently work concerning this topic and to what extent the textile serves as a medium, technique, material or metaphor. The title points intentionally to the “detracted” utility and to the reinterpretation of the materials and textiles. In addition, a definitive, sustainable “Revolution!” appears within our accelerated world of consumption almost inevitable.

Taking a look at our exposure to articles of clothing and textiles one aspect is obvious: Shopping is one of the fundamental leisure time activities. Purchasing as a collective activity seizes our everyday life, within which it captures a central place and gets ritualized at the same time. Being on the prowl for bargains our consumer society lost the appreciation for material, the manufacturing process of fabrics and textiles and the often dramatic backgrounds of their executed production in mostly low-wage country.

Rag Revolution – Aufstand! der nichtsnutzigen Textilien
International exhibition-project presenting the contemporary textile-culture
Date: Saturday, March , 19th -Sunday, April, 17th, 2011
Vernissage: Friday, March, 18th, 5.30pm

Opening hours: Thursday and Friday, 4pm – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm – 6pm
Entrance fee: 3 Euro, discounted entrance: 2 Euro

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